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Speaker: Dr. Ronald De Bruin
Dr De Bruin
Dr. Ronald De Bruin
CHÂTEAU SAINTE-ANNE Rue Du Vieux Moulin 103 1160 Bruxelles

Hidden in plain sight. A star map is encoded within the very foundation of Brussels. Discover a mystery that spans thousands of years and links the capital of modern Europe to ancient Egypt. Dr. de Bruin reveals that the pyramid structures of ancient Egypt and the city of Brussels have more in common than one would suspect. Dr. de Bruin rediscovers that the pyramid structures are mapped out along the Nile river to mimic star constellations in the cosmos, with the river representing the Milky Way. To his amazement, he found that the same star map is.

Dr. Ronald de Bruin is a 21st century leader with over 20 years of experience in the European Union research and innovation arena. Dr. de Bruin holds a PhD in Law and computer Science, an MSc in Technology Management, and a BSc in Electronic Engineering. He successfully completed the AVIRA Top Management Programme for Global Executive Leadership at INSEAD. His research for his book ‘The Brussels Da Vinci Code’ is driven by pure curiosity.

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A Review
The Brussels Da Vinci Code and the Tree of Life
A review by Larisa Doctorow
tree of life

The presenter was Dr. Ronald de Bruin, who heads a European research and innovation centre in Brussels. He has over 20 years of experience in technology management and electronic engineering. In 2017 he visited Egypt and was greatly impressed by the stories told by the guide about the strong connection between the configuration of the main ancient Egyptian pyramids and temples, and the stars in the cosmos and the river Nile representing the Milky Way. The pyramids were built along the river Nile flowing towards the Mediterranean Sea. On the granite pillars of the ancient Osirion temple in Abydos, he saw graffiti of the Flower of Life, a geometric figure from which the Tree of Life can be derived. In many religions the Tree of Life is a symbol of the connection between the Divine and people one earth. He had seen the same type of pattern one month before leaving for Egypt when he visited the Louvre and looked at the vestiges of the Sumerian civilization. A floor panel from Iraq dating from 645 BC has the same design.

During his research, he came across the book ‘The Hidden Records’ by the South African authors Birgit Lederer and Wayne Herschel, who wondered how these ancient people without telescopes could determine the Milky Way and the position of planets. These authors see in it the hand of extra-terrestrials who could visit the earth and pass on their knowledge to the living. They claim that without external knowledge these discoveries would have been impossible. But our speaker was sceptical about the theory that aliens arrived and provided our ancestors with knowledge of astronomy. Rather, he suspects there have been ancient civilisations much further back in time whose existence we are no longer aware of. Ronald de Bruin decided to look at Brussels and to his amazement discovered that the same star map is encoded in the architecture of streets and parks of the city. In 1830, the Kingdom of Belgium was created, and

Brussels was upgraded to capital of the country. Many new parks and monuments were constructed. Though it is not easy to prove this from a historical perspective, he found enough compelling facts to write a book about his discoveries. The book’s title is ‘The Brussels Da Vinci Code’.

de Bruin

During his talk to ISG members on Monday, 17 January, Dr Ronald de Bruin shared with the audience his discoveries and admitted that he plans to continue his research, which probably could include other European regions or capitals.

Meanwhile, we greatly appreciated this exciting talk, particularly the way that the speaker offered us new information about Brussels, the place where many of our members live. The speaker showed us the map of Brussels in 1780. We see the Royal Park is in the centre and to the right there is the Royal palace. The old map shows the design of the quarter after the old palace had been destroyed by fire. He showed the map of today’s Brussels and superimposed on it the image of the Tree of Life. It is obvious that the plan follows the Tree of Life pattern.

De Bruin showed the audience several slides. On each of them the configuration of the stars is mimicked in the plans of the city parks and buildings. For example, if we look at a statue of the crusader Godefroid de Bouillon in the centre of the Royal square, we see a straight line connecting it with the St. Michel statue on top of the gothic Town Hall tower and the Basilique in Koekelberg in the distance.

Furthermore, the speaker demonstrated that the Colonne du Congrès with a statue of King Leopold on top is turned 33 degrees to a sun-like star in heaven that appears just above three stars of the Orion Constellation. In his opinion, this refers to the three Magi from the East following the star of Bethlehem. The king of Belgium was crowned on 21 July, the date on which the first of these stars appears on the horizon just before sunrise. Indeed, King Leopold was coronated on 21 July 1831. The speaker showed that the same principle was used when the Washington Memorial obelisk was built around the same time. This monument is aligned with the rise of the Orion stars just before sunrise, which occurs in Washington on the Fourth of July (Independence Day).

In short, he proved that there are many traces of Egyptology and the image of the Tree of Life in Brussels. These include another park, the Parc du Cinquantenaire. The talk overwhelmed us with information and some facts left us puzzled. But the main thing was obvious – these Brussels 1. Keter (Crown/Origin) 2. Hokmah (Wisdom) 3. Binah (Understanding) 4. Hesed (Mercy) 5. Gevurah (Judgement) 6. Tiferet (Beauty/Essence) 7. Nezah (Etenity/Repeating) 8. Hod (Reverberation) 9. Yesod (Foundation/Image) 10. Malkhut (Kingdom) 11. Da'at (Higher Knowledge/Consciousness) parks do represent the Tree of Life, while other parks are part of a star map. Thus, Brussels is connected with Egypt and with the Tree of Life. And we can say that it is a heavenly city.

Many of the architects, sculptures, politicians, bankers, of Brussels in the 19th century were Freemasons. There were many masonic lodges in the city, and the majority of these people were members. Traditionally Freemasons were religious and connected to Egypt with its secret knowledge. And the Egyptians were connected with the sky. In Egypt at night, you can look at the sky for hours and see a lot. Thus, it is understandable that the Freemason architects introduced ancient knowledge in their designs for the city of Brussels. For more information, see

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