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Esseghemstraat 135, 1090 Jette,

I found this amazing website ‘Spotted by Locals’ ( with an interesting article about the house which was Magritte’s residence from 1930 to 1954.

Imagine walking the suburbs of Brussels. Suddenly you see one solitary old street lantern that vaguely reminds you of some paintings you saw during your visit to the Magritte Museum. Then, you spot a house with a doorbell that says ‘Magritte’. You ring it. Someone opens the door and lets you in.

The entire house was turned into a lovely little museum in 1999. This modest gem is a brilliant alternative to the immensely popular and crowded Magritte Museum in the city centre. The restored rooms suck you into the artist’s daily world. (From the website.)

The house has recently been reopened after some works. Apart from a careful reconstruction of the Magritte’s apartment the museum also shows contemporary art.

Esseghemstraat 135, 1090 Jette,

Opening times: Wed - Sun 10:00 - 18:00

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