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23 rue du Bemel 1150 Brussels

Suggested by Angela Oestmann  

This is one of those typical specialized Belgian museums established by a private sponsor, Michel Wittock as part of the Foundation Roi Baudoin which is very interesting if you love books and – more specifically – the art of bookbinding. You could even, if you wanted, participate in a course to learn bookbinding.

The Wittockiana, which bears the name of its founder, was created by Michel Wittock. During his lifetime, he assembled an impressive collection of books, manuscripts and autographs. 

The Wittockiana is the museum of book arts and bookbinding in Brussels. Its collection, which comprises almost 3,000 works, is made up of unique books: all of them carry their material history, the testimony of an artist, a bookbinder, or the mark of their author. (From the website)

Currently, there is a temporary exhibition going on about contemporary book design. The permanent collection on show has some unique and precious books on display. Additionally, there is a reading room and a library where you can read and borrow books. The modern building in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre has a very relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Photo by Angela Oestmann

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