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The 100 Years War – Who Would Be King?
Speaker: Ken Nesbitt
Ken Nesbitt
Ken Nesbitt
CHÂTEAU SAINTE-ANNE Rue Du Vieux Moulin 103 1160 Bruxelles

Kenneth M. Nesbitt works for a US-French joint venture company, Thales Raytheon Systems(TRS), as an Operational Adviser and Director of Business Development for NATO and Europe. Ken spent more than 27 years in the military as a specialist in Command and Control of air operations and air battle management in both ground and airborne systems. After retiring from the Canadian Air Force in 2003, Ken Nesbitt joined TRS and has spent time living and working in both Paris, France, and in Brussels, Belgium. Ken has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Studies with a Minor in History, plus a Master’s Degree in War Studies from The Royal Military College of Canada. He is an amateur historian and has spent the past 18 years in Europe providing lectures and personal guided tours of historical battlefields.

The “Hundred Years War” (1337-1453) was a long series of connected dynastic conflicts between England and France. The war actually lasted longer than a hundred years; the name came into usage in the nineteenth century as historians sought to define the whole period. The name stuck. Tensions between the English and French thrones over land claims in Europe actually dated back to 1066. In this presentation of the Hundred Years War, we will see the context and significance of names and places that have become familiar in our Western history. We will discuss the causes of the war,the politics and economics behind it all, and how small, but well-disciplined English armies were repeatedly victorious over much larger French forces, yet still the English lost the war.

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