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Speaker: Diane Naveau
Diane Naveau
Diane Naveau
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Having great style is for everyone, at any age and time. Even with the events of the past year, we can still feel and look good. Wearing clothes that fit us, both physically and personally, can give us more energy, make us feel better and more optimistic. Having a closet full of clothes and accessories that you love and love to wear no matter what you are doing, and keeping them organized in a thoughtful and accessible way, makes getting dressed a joy.

We will take a fresh look to discover your personal style, your body type and what works best, and how to mix, match and style items to create loads of new outfits without buying a thing! In fact, you may be inspired to declutter a bit and find out what's really great for you! This is a fun, inspiring, and interactive workshop and we hope to see you there.

Part 1: Discover your Personal Style

a. Why is your personal style important?

b. Basic style types

c. Exercises to help you define and deepen your understanding of your personal style.

Part 2: Body type and Fit

a. What body “type” am I? (you might be surprised!)

b. Fit and Flattery

c. Tips to look great, no matter what body you have!

Part 3: Bringing it Home

a. Going through your closet, the editing process

b. What is a capsule collection and how can it work for you?

c. Styling and organizing tips for creating Great Style at Any Age!

Short Bio of our speaker:

Diane Naveau comes to us from New York City, where she obtained her BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design and spent over 20 years working in the fashion industry specializing in styling and visual merchandising. Diane founded The Closet Merchant in 2018 to work towards creating sustainability in the fashion industry starting with each of us and the choices we make with our own wardrobes and shopping habits. She targets your personal style and shows how to create more options from what you already own. Diane uses her expertise in workshops, seminars, and one on one consultations to help women find clarity, confidence, abundance and style while promoting a better future for the planet. Diane currently resides in Antwerp, Belgium with her husband Paul.

Practical Information:

You will receive an email a few days before the meeting with the link to click on and  additional instructions on how to join the meeting and what to do to ask questions  after the talk (“Raise Hand”). 

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A Review
Your Ideal Wardrobe
A review by Larisa Doctorow

‘We will take a look to discover your personal style, your body type and what works best, and  how to mix, match and style items to create loads of new outfits without buying a thing. In fact,  you may be inspired to de-clutter a bit and find out what is really great for you.” 

These were the opening words of our speaker Diane Naveau who on 10 May gave us a lecture  entitled intriguingly ‘Your Ideal Wardrobe’. Diane Naveau is a graduate of New York’s Parson  School of Design. She is the founder of the Clothes Merchant and a fashion designer. She went  straight to the point about how to create your ideal and personal wardrobe, how to choose, how  to look smart and what to do to have in your personal wardrobe those items which you truly want  to wear. 

One of the first and most important things is to define your personal style. There are several  possibilities, but it is better to choose one with which you want to be associated, for example:  CLASSIC GLAMOR, meaning using things which are close to the body, tailored, or ROMANTIC,  feminine, or ROCK AND ROLL, ARTISTIC, SPORTY, MINIMALIST, meaning simple and neutral.

The next thing is to define the tools. For this purpose, you can use photos from  magazines or copy the clothes of someone  you’ve met on the street. Then you want  to define the qualities which you like to  have in your clothes, the color, fabric, degree of comfort. The next question concerns your lifestyle. For what areas of your life do you  need clothes: work, home, weekends, travel, an evening out. 

“After this is done, we will address your body. You should know your body well: the proportions,  the lines, especially if you want clothes to help you to create balance in your body and look more  attractive.”- This was the message of the speaker.  

The second part of the lecture was focused on the body and how to make it more attractive  through the good selection of clothes. This question should not be underestimated because the  speaker spoke about how to correct or hide drawbacks or underline the positive features. For  example, with the help of clothes you can create a visual waistline if you don’t have any or elongate the legs. 

After we’ve done the preparatory work, the time has come to create your personal wardrobe.  We were told how to start, proceed and finalize it. Our speaker started with the essential items  which we all must have. Number one is a jacket. When we choose a jacket, we should look at  the shoulder line, the length of sleeves, buttons, the overall length of the garment. 


Then, Diane listed other important components: a trench coat, a leather jacket, a white shirt, denim shirt, lightweight sweater, blue jeans, white jeans, black trousers, black skirt, little black dress. All these things can mix easily, which is very important. To them we should add shoes, accessories, bags, jewelry. The clothes which go into a wardrobe have to be separated by seasons. They also have to be visible like in a store. The best thing is to hang them all up. Now the time has come to edit the closet. Here the question about  your personal style comes into play. Surely, by that time you have defined your personal style, you know what you want to wear  and how you want to look.  

If you look at the things chosen you should pay attention to several features, such as are the  garments worn out; are they dated; are they essential for a wardrobe; do they fit me? If you have  questions, or hesitations, don’t put them back into your wardrobe. Donate or sell them or  exchange them for something else. Because you know that you are not going to wear them. 

The last thing is the creation of a wardrobe capsule. Here you feel free to show your personal  choice concerning fabric and color. It is important to put a limit on the number of pieces chosen.  Diane put it under 50 pieces. They included as an example 3 jackets, 3 pairs of pants, 2 skirts, 4  blouses, 3 sweaters, 2 dresses plus shoes, bags, belts. All together we already have over 70  articles. They all mix easily and by replacing accessories like bags or shoes you get outfits for  every occasion. It helps to have tonal contrasts, for example mix black and white or green and  red or have layers. The creation of a capsule shows what you need to buy. Now when you go to a store, you’ll buy only what you need. Concerning shopping, Diane advised us to buy good,  expensive pieces and not many. Thus. you create your own style and will feel good about  yourself.

The lecture was important because it persuaded us to look into the future. The pandemic will  end, and we will feel like dressing up, going out, seeing people and traveling once again. Diane  persuaded us to be prepared.


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