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Common Challenges Facing the United States and Europe
Speaker: Former U.S. Ambassador, Christopher W. Murray
Former U.S. Ambassador, Christopher W. Murray
Former U.S. Ambassador, Christopher W. Murray
CHÂTEAU SAINTE-ANNE Rue Du Vieux Moulin 103 1160 Bruxelles

The Liberal World Order emerged after World War II.  It was an effort to address the challenges that the West perceived itself to be confronting.    The focus was on economics, and military security.  “Globalization,” as we use the term now, came into view about 20 years ago.  We’re struggling to deal with it, because it takes up so many new forces.  These new forces derive from never-before-seen, or never-before-foreseen, elements of global interaction.  We’re now into a digital age, with instantaneous communications, mass travel, largely unfettered financial transfers, multinational corporations that essentially have no nationality, satellite television, outsourcing of jobs, environmental degradation, and the cross border spread of ideologies.  For the United States and Europe, globalization has not made for an easy adjustment.

Ambassador Murray will talk about the four main issues that he sees as common problems that face both the United States and Europe, sometimes together and sometimes in parallel.  They include the environment, immigration, cyber security and terrorism.

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