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Speaker: Alexandro Legein
CHÂTEAU MALOU - Allée Pierre Levie 2, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Several espionage affairs made the headlines in Belgium. The partly state-owned telecom company Belgacom (now Proximus), the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office have all been hacked. Actually, that doesn’t really come as a big surprise, as since the Cold War, Brussels is one of the world’s hot spots for espionage. The intelligence archives of Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest, Prague, Sofia and Warsaw reveal the 007 dimension of Europe’s capital. (Article published by Kristof Clerix, 27/09/2013 who works as a journalist for the Belgian weekly news magazine Knack. He specializes in security reporting and long-term investigative projects.) 

The foregoing is the world in which our Speaker, Alexandro Legein worked. He will start his talk with a general overview of the security in international institutions, its importance and the risk management principles that govern it. 

The second part will cover the danger of espionage and interference against common interests (this is especially acute in view of recent international and internal national developments), and the risks posed by social media in this area. 

His career: As a journalist in the mid-1970s, Alexandro Legein developed the investigative instincts and eye for detail that are now the tools of his trade. Swapping his pen and note pad for a gun and warrant card, he joined the Belgian Maritime Police in 1978 and specialized in narcotics and fraud investigation. In 1985, he moved to the Directorate of Public Security where, as an Inspector in the Bureau of State Security, he was introduced to the demi-monde of counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and diplomatic protection. Next came three years at Federal Express and two at DHL, where he led operations in Europe and Africa. Next, he was employed by Swift as Security Chief, followed by TNT where he was Group Security Director Worldwide and finally in 2008 as the Director of the Security Office of the Council of the European Union. (Part of this description was published by the magazine Creative Writing by Sean Martin.) 

A Belgian national, born in Spain, he grew up in Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. His studies included economics and journalism. His various professional qualifications are in strategic management (Insead), financial, police and criminal justice management.

Image by Basilica9718, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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