General Meeting

Program time:
Beijing to Moscow on the Trans Mongolian & Trans Siberian Railroads
Speaker: Janette Howell
Château Sainte-Anne, Rue Du Vieux Moulin 103, 1160 Bruxelles

This has been a very interesting year at ISG as usual, and we have heard lectures that have touched on a variety of intellectual, scientific and historical subjects. In May, we will have our final General Meeting prior to the Spring Luncheon and the summer vacation, and the Board of Directors thought that you would be ready for a light subject. Fortunately, we have a light brain on the board, who likes to travel and has agreed to share her photos of a trip taken in 2014. She is the one who is behind the camera at most of our programs and who serves as editor of the newsletter. 

The presentation will begin in Beijing, where she and her partner Anne visited for a few days before taking the train west. They will have stops in both Mongolia and Siberia before arriving in Moscow. The journey was 27 days and covered 7,600 km by train, plus another 1,500 km touring overland. 

Janette will cover the high points of their adventure and any resemblance to Agatha Christie’s “Orient Express” will be purely coincidental. They will travel the same route, however their carry-on will include a sleeping bag, something Hercule Poirot was not required to take. The photos will not be of National Geographic quality, but we are sure you will leave the program with a greater insight into this very interesting part of the world. Janette and Anne are seasoned travellers and if they are able, they go at it alone, making their own plans and only taking tours or hiring guides when necessary. Janette has visited 57 countries and Anne 68, so they know their way around the planet and she is happy to share their trip with her ISG friends. 

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