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Yellow Opsinjoorke next to Sint Rumbold's Cathedral, 2800 Mechelen

Our member, Hilde Vanmarcke, went on Valentine’s Day, 14 February, on an Erotic Walk through Mysterious Mechelen through the old town of Mechelen. While this was a once-a-year event, her impressions are valid because Mechelen is a very dynamic town north of Brussels with a multitude of activities (in Dutch only), and it is worthwhile to check out the site: %20uitstap%20of%20rondleiding&search-result%5B0%5D%5Bpage%5D=3

Our guide took us on a walking tour of an hour and a half through Mechelen. It was a fun trip with quite a few erotic and love stories from Mechelen. But the 'story' is broader than this city. We regularly delved into history that extends beyond the city limits. We heard stories about mischievous beguines, old spring customs, red light districts, romantic loves, lecherous witches and so much more! We came to learn that the Middle Ages were not nearly as prudish as we might think.

Up Coming Walk in Mechelen : The Mechelen horror stories walk

Guided trip or guided tour History Entertainment with a dark side. Shudder when you hear about the sharp examination of the Mechelen witches from the 17th century. A failed execution on the small gallows on the Mechelen Grote Markt, the ...

Where Yellow Opsinjoorke next to Sint Rumbold's Cathedral, 2800 Mechelen

When Saturday, March 11, 2023 from 8:00 PM to 9:45 PM


Photo credit:Roel Daenen Wikimedia Commons


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